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40weeks later : pregnancy&baby

40weeks later : pregnancy&baby

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40weeks later : pregnancy&baby 40weeks later : pregnancy&baby 40weeks later : pregnancy&baby 40weeks later : pregnancy&baby 40weeks later : pregnancy&baby 40weeks later : pregnancy&baby

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February 20, 2024
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[Key Features]
- Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting modes that can be customized based on your current situation
- Calculated menstrual cycle, fertile days, and ovulation reminders based on your input data
- Predicting your fertility based on your menstrual cycle
- Predict your actual ovulation date by taking an ovulation test, analyzing the results automatically, and recording your basal body temperature
- Manage your fertility treatment schedule when you're in fertility mode, easily search for medications and get medication reminders, and get information about each step of the process
- Provides fetal growth graphs by week and gestational weeks based on due date
- Automated OCR analysis and storage of fetal growth information such as weight, head circumference, etc. recorded in fetal ultrasound photos to determine percentages of standard growth figures per week
- Provides a guide to the recommended range of weight gain by week compared to pre-pregnancy weight for maternal weight management during pregnancy (For recommended weight gain ranges by maternal week, see [Williams Obstetrics. 24th Edition] and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [ACOG] Recommendation Guide)
- Developmental checks and growth management for each area based on your child's age (gross, fine, cognitive, language, social, and self-help)

All medical information such as menstrual cycle, ovulation date, fertility period, and pregnancy week calculation method applied in the main feature implementation of "40weeks later" is provided by Korean gynecologists.
However, all information is based on medically standardized metrics and may vary from person to person, and if you need an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms or condition, you may want to consult a healthcare professional based on the information you recorded "40weeks later"

[Services offered]
1. before 40 weeks, to prepare for pregnancy [Pregnancy Preparation Mode]
- Find out your fertile window, your D-day, and your odds of conceiving today and start planning your pregnancy.
- Find out more about How I feel today based on my menstrual cycle!
- Check your irregular ovulation days with the Ovulation Day Test, an essential pregnancy preparation tool that automatically measures your results.
- From fertility specialist-edited procedure descriptions to medication reminders, it's easy to keep track of even the most intimidating fertility treatments.

2. at 40 weeks, [Pregnancy Mode] for a healthy birth
- See how the fetus and mother's body changes over the weeks with cute illustrations and content.
- If you register the [ultrasound photo] you received at your doctor's appointment, the fetal reading will be entered automatically through the automatic analysis function.
- See how your baby is growing in the womb with five fetal growth metrics, including weight, head circumference, and more.
- If you're worried about gaining weight each month after pregnancy, record your weight each week and get a guide.

3. [Parenting Mode] for managing the child's development and growth after 40 weeks.
- You can conduct developmental assessments tailored to the specific age in six areas: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognition, language, social skills, and self-regulation.
- Customized reports for each month are automatically generated based on the test results.
- When you enter height, weight, and head circumference, you can see how much your baby has grown compared to other babies of the same age.
- Set and manage the weekly target weight to handle the increased weight due to pregnancy.

4. A space for moms with similar concerns to communicate: [mom's talk]
- Through the [mom's talk] community, you can share your questions about pregnancy, as well as discuss the information needed for pregnancy and childcare together.

[Usage inquiries]
For service inquiries, please leave your message in the app under [My Menu > Customer Center > 1:1 Inquiry], or email us at after10month@connect-i.co.kr

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