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Astar8 by Lloyd Strayhorn

Astar8 by Lloyd Strayhorn

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Astar8 by Lloyd Strayhorn Astar8 by Lloyd Strayhorn Astar8 by Lloyd Strayhorn Astar8 by Lloyd Strayhorn

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May 06, 2024
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More About Astar8 by Lloyd Strayhorn

If you believe in the spiritual relationship between numbers and human life then AStar8 is made just for you. It is presumed that numbers hold the strength to influence a person’s characteristics as well as the events that occur in their lives. Astar8 app utilizes laws of arithmetic and elusive numerology to interpret the privileged insights of your introduction to the birth date and your name. The numbers associated with numerology range from 1 to 9. These numbers address a planet and hold their own well-defined features. However, very much like astrology, it is seen that these planets impact the presence of the person in a meaningful manner.
AStar8 provides daily affirmations, as an extremely powerful tool, have the motivation behind making our days more straightforward and empowering us headed for accomplishing our objectives. Motivational messages and affirmations for each day are carefully chosen and in accordance with the individual day. The AStar8 app uses the Chaldean method to represent the numerology numbers.

1.) Spouse compatibility: You can quickly check the spouse compatibility by just entering the prime numbers. It will show you detailed results about your compatibility with your spouse.

2.) Your DOB with name compatibility: You can also check your name compatibility with your prime number. It will show you a result that how your name and prime number correlate with each other.

3.) With another person's compatibility: It's a unique and different compatibility that you can freely check on the AStar8 app. In this step, you can narrow your compatibility with another person, then another person might be anyone either he/she is your friend or your parents.

4.) Vehicle compatibility with your prime number: You can check vehicle compatibility by using the vehicle’s model name with your prime number. Using the Chaldean method shows accurate results for you.

5.) Property Compatibility as per your DOB: AStar8 allows you to check compatibility with multiple properties. It also shows you some suggestions that what type of properties make good connections with your prime number.

6.) Business compatibility: Like vehicle and property compatibility, business compatibility also checks with the Chaldean method. As per your compatibility, it shows you some pros and cons of your business.

7.) Travel Compatibility: Travel compatibility is a little bit different from other compatibilities. In this, AStar8 will tell you about every little thing which is linked with your travel. For example, short trips, long trips, and trips with family or friends.

In AStar8, all these compatibilities are checked by using the Chaldean method. The Chaldean method is the origin of numerology and is based on Vedic numerology. There is a concept that everything is based on vibrations. So in that case every particle vibrates at different frequencies and attracts balanced and unbalanced frequencies.

You can openly explore its features and its functioning for free. There are no activation charges you only have to pay when you want to get a deep dive into its advanced features.

Benefits of using AStar8 -

1.) Make life-rewarding choices
2.) Build stronger relationships
3.) Enter into holy matrimony
4.) Discover your strengths and weakness
5.) Save your precious time
6.) Be prepared always

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