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Breath of Dragon II

Breath of Dragon II

300 by World of D.B.System
(0 Reviews) February 20, 2024

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Breath of Dragon II Breath of Dragon II Breath of Dragon II Breath of Dragon II Breath of Dragon II Breath of Dragon II

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February 20, 2024
World of D.B.System
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More About Breath of Dragon II

------------------------Background of the world------------------------
Telling about 2088,
the advanced science an technology of mankind,
Utilizing the Residual Power of Ancient Dragons ,
D.B. SYSTEM has been developed.

What is D.B.System ?

D.B.System can create any data product
into the real world.

For example:
1.customized personality data puppies
are safe and cheap for children to adopt.

2.Create Hercules to help build, save a lot of
manpower and material resources and so on.

3.Make data girlfriend company, and even marry
data body, because they can be set to
have their own ideas and personalities.

It can be said that the D.B.System has changed the world.

Why is the world close to extinction?

The better things are, the more dangerous they are.
A traditional AI system has been replaced by D.B.System.

It hates D.B.System replacing itself, so it takes advantage
of D.B.System and created a data storm that
calls for over 10 millions viruses to destroy the real world,
so in this year, the world is close to extinction.
Later generations called "Virus King".

Background of the protagonist

The protagonist is a teenager with dragon memory,
which is very rare in the world, because this force
can better control the D.B.System, it is very precious.

What happened to the protagonist on this Virus Disaster

On this day, the protagonist comes home
from work and lives a leisure life.

After sleeping, data storms invade the world.
He was seriously injured by the virus.
A mysterious man kept his soul on a data chip and
place it on the robot body of the mass production type ,
so that he can retain consciousness and keep moving in reality.

What happened after he become a robot

The protagonist who has the dragon memory
in this common spare robot, plugged in data chip.
What happened was that all parts of the body was
changed by unknown power, it is different from the general ones.
Even the name of the robot has been changed to show #1106.

The mysterious man were surprised that
they had never seen such a situation before.
So he will test protagonist to see
if the power is good or bad.

What is his purpose when he become a robot

In this way, although he lost his body,
he owns more powerful body.
In search of his family, he hopes to
protect them in troubled times.
So he start his adventure to become stronger
that can save his family and the world.

Game features:

1. Pet types dare to reach 1,000,
even if each catches 10,000 times,
his attributes are different.

For example:
turtles, rabbits, beautiful girl and handsome man,
robots, aliens, beasts, puppies,flowers, plants, fishes,
flights, and seabed organisms can be collected.
Greatly satisfy the different enthusiasts'desire
to collect and cultivate.

2. There are so many jobs that more than 200 matches.
For example:
Swordsman matching magic is a magic swordsman.
The guard with the shepherd is a paladin.
Players can create their own ways of playing.

3. You can run around on maps or explore.
Plains, deserts, skies, beaches, seabed,
dungeons, ruins, graves, ice sheets,
mountains, palaces, etc. can be risky places.

It can be said that the feature of this game is that
it can catch different pets and train them
to travel in the world with you.
It belongs to a long-term training game.

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