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Millionaire Monster Penthouse

Millionaire Monster Penthouse

3.1.11 by Genius Inc
(0 Reviews) February 20, 2024

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Millionaire Monster Penthouse Millionaire Monster Penthouse Millionaire Monster Penthouse Millionaire Monster Penthouse Millionaire Monster Penthouse Millionaire Monster Penthouse

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February 20, 2024
Genius Inc
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More About Millionaire Monster Penthouse

You’ve just landed a new job in the city in a luxurious penthouse, free condo included! It’s a job anyone would die for. The building is opulent, the location—prime, and all the residents look like they just walked out of a fashion magazine.

But you soon find out your clientele is old—really old. Suddenly, you’re caught in the middle of a supernatural bid for power, and you learn that you’re the heir to a demon clan! No need to fear, you have three handsome men here to help, but can you manage to keep your job with all these men vying for your attention?


Hiroto — The Prince of Death

The hottest guy around, heads turn when Hiroto walks in. As the son of one of the greatest shinigami to ever live, he’s cocky and sure of himself, but he doesn’t want to spend eternity living in his father’s shadow. He’s never had a hard time getting what he wants… Except for when it comes to you. Can you keep up with this loud-mouthed shinigami?

Cillion — The Strong and Cool Werewolf

Unlike most of the residents of the penthouse, Cillion grew up as a commoner. He can be gruff and curt at times, but he really cares about his friends. He’s so used to others fearing him that befriending someone who treats him normally is like a breath of fresh air. Will you take this chance to stand beside Cillion as his equal or will you leave him like everyone else?

Raye — The Enigmatic Phantom

It’s hard to tell what Raye is thinking behind his sly smile and mysterious eyes, but don’t let his humbleness fool you—he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve. He keeps his feelings hidden from others, but seems to open up around you. In his mind, you’re already his bride, but are the fancy dinners and kind gestures enough to win your heart?

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