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Viking Village

Viking Village

8.6.8 by Limitless, LLC
(0 Reviews) November 23, 2023

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Viking Village Viking Village Viking Village Viking Village Viking Village Viking Village

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November 23, 2023
Limitless, LLC
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More About Viking Village

Viking Village is a captivating, free-to-play real-time strategy game overflowing with pure enjoyment!
★ A variety of Heroes with unique abilities and adorable Pets, some with their own little companions!
★ Build and defend your village without time constraints.
★ Experience gameplay from a top-down view or take control of a hero in third-person mode.

Viking Village is an innovative real-time strategy/base defense hybrid game where you construct and safeguard a village from nefarious knights. Gather resources, strategically place archer towers, and command melee Viking warriors to prevail. Conquer enemy villages and extinguish their village fire to claim victory. Capture mighty barbarians to bolster your defenses. You can even take control of deer for extra attack prowess! Raid pirate camps for bonus resources.

Game Modes:
★ Survive 20 days: Protect your village for 20 action-packed days.
★ Quick Survival: No buildings or villagers—just your hero, pet, and units fending off relentless enemy waves.
★ Sandbox: Enjoy limitless resources and mindless fun!
★ Peaceful: Embrace tranquility as you build a peaceful village, free from enemies.

★ Numerous Heroes with distinct abilities and quirky pets
★ Train Villagers, Warriors, and Archers
★ Establish farms, mines, and plant trees to obtain resources
★ Commandeer deer to assail your foes!
★ Vanquish pirates for resources or recruit them to safeguard your village
★ Capture the Barbarian to defend your village and gather resources by eliminating pirates
★ Defeat or hire the Pirate Captain to oversee your village's protection
★ Switch between top-down and third-person warrior control
★ Villagers operate autonomously with AI, allowing you to concentrate on building and combat—though optional control is available
★ Stunning graphics

How to play:
★ Tap wooden stumps to create farms, trees, or stone mines.
★ Tap the 'Create Unit' button, then 'Villager' to spawn a villager who will automatically gather resources from available farms, trees, or stone mines. Only one villager can work at a resource site.
★ The Hero is selected by default—tap anywhere on the ground to move them, and their pet will follow.
★ Generate warriors and archers by tapping the 'Create Unit' button.
★ House villagers, warriors, and archers by constructing additional buildings with the 'Build' button.
★ Protect the village fire at all costs—enemies will attack nightly.
★ Assemble an army and annihilate the enemy village fire to achieve victory.

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