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Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards

Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards

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Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards

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April 06, 2024
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More About Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards

Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards will help your baby or toddler learn animal sounds and more using interactive flashcards with a bold and simple art style, colorful backgrounds and large buttons.
• Designed for babies
• Ideal for kids at nursery/playgroup/kindergarten
• No text, keeping it simple
• Swap between color or black & white pictures
• Slideshow for use without swiping/navigation
• Easy-to-use flashcard format

⭐Designed with a School Teacher aimed at babies (6 - 18 months), this will teach your baby more than 150 first sounds of common animals, creatures, vehicles, instruments and nature.

⭐Simple animal cartoons ideal for babies. Start in high contrast black & white for very young children, then swap to color as they get older.

⭐More than just animals. Fun categories with silly sounds make for a more engaging experience (see the sci-fi category featuring baby sounds!).

⭐Your baby or toddler is sure to have fun with unique sounds on every flashcard.

⭐ Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards features fun flashcard categories for kids with real animal sounds (farm 🐖, nature ☁️, plains 🐍, jungle 🦍, forest 🐁, sea 👽, sky 🦅, industrial/commercial vehicles 🚚, instruments 🥁, personal/specialized vehicles 🚓, robots 🤖, aliens 👽, dinosaurs🦖, fantasy🦄 and monsters 👹).

⚙️Kids can learn first sounds anywhere on either phone or tablet (100% offline with screen rotation compatible flashcards). Slideshow with autoplay & screen lock to hear sounds without baby/toddler needing to touch screen. Simplify experience for baby by switching off background colors and animation.

⭐Get Animal Sounds Baby Flashcards to teach your kids new sounds today!

⭐For older children (18 months - 4 years) see our flagship First Words Baby Flashcards apps featuring 500 flashcards with spoken English words, text, sounds and a choice of cartoon and photo images.

ℹ️ Tested on babies! We made this app for our kids (1 x baby and 1 x toddler) to entertain them! Please tell us what your children like about it and what we could do better with a review or email. Follow us on Twitter (@munchkinstudio): https://twitter.com/munchkinstudio

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