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BeWet: Drink Water Reminder

BeWet: Drink Water Reminder

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(0 Reviews) January 02, 2024

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BeWet: Drink Water Reminder BeWet: Drink Water Reminder BeWet: Drink Water Reminder BeWet: Drink Water Reminder BeWet: Drink Water Reminder BeWet: Drink Water Reminder

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January 02, 2024
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More About BeWet: Drink Water Reminder

The convenient reminder to drink water on time and body hydration tracker for those who want to lose weight, adjust the water balance of the body, improve metabolism, or for those who forget to drink water throughout the day.
Water is very important in our body. Do you know that one glass of water easily awakens the body after sleep, and one is enough to lighten your mood or calm down? Regular consumption of water helps to improve health and normalize metabolism. Water helps you lose weight because there are no calories in the water.

Lack of water in the body entails many negative effects, such as headache, deterioration of health and skin color, irritability, etc. But with reminders to drink water it does not threaten you since we will always remind you when you need to drink water.

⏰ Reminders when to drink
You can use auto or set the manual time settings when reminders should be arrived to drink water.

🍹 Drinks
Tea, coffee, juice, milk, etc. Track water or your favorite drinks and their hydration indices to correctly calculate water saturation.

💧 How much to drink water per day
Enter your current weight and application will help you determine how much water your body needs every day.

☀ Weather and training
Depending on the weather and physical activity, the application will adjust a daily target.

⚖ Weight Control
Track your weight and body mass index. Great tool for losing weight.

👌 Convenience
Customize a most used volumes for quickly adds new intakes. Choose your own or several of our melodies for reminders. You can also set reminders sound plays on the alarm volume.

📊 Statistics and 📖 History
Track amount of water and drinks you drink per week, a month or even a year.

Hydrate yourself and stay in shape with reminders drink water!

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