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Compass Wallet for Sei

Compass Wallet for Sei

0.10.16 by Explore DeFi & Crypto on Sei
(0 Reviews) December 03, 2023

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Compass Wallet for Sei Compass Wallet for Sei Compass Wallet for Sei Compass Wallet for Sei Compass Wallet for Sei

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December 03, 2023
Explore DeFi & Crypto on Sei
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More About Compass Wallet for Sei

Compass is the only wallet that is tailor-made for SEI Network. Safe & secure, with a delightfully simple user experience. Seamlessly explore DeFi, NFTs, and more.
Compass is the only wallet you need for SEI Network. Built with Love by Leap.

Compass lets you navigate through the Sei ecosystem with ease. A wallet that’s as fast as the fastest L1, with features to make your voyage easier!

Seamlessly explore SEI networks and dApps like Levana, Sparrowswap, Fuzio, Kryptonite, Sensei, and more.

Transfer your assets, earn staking rewards, view NFTs, and much more! All within one easy-to-use mobile wallet.

This is how Compass makes your SEI experience better

Made for exploring

- Send & receive assets across the Sei network, with support for all assets on the mainnet & testnet
- Connect to multiple dApps and transact seamlessly, to explore the best of DeFi and web3 on Sei
- Superior Wallet Management: Create multiple wallets using the same seed phrase, and switch seamlessly whenever you need
- NFT Gallery to view all your collectible treasures
- Easy to read activity log, so you always know where your assets have been
- Address book to save trusted addresses for frequent use

Safety, Transparency, Trust

- 100% Non-Custodial: Your keys are always yours, and no one else has access to them. Ever.
- Seamlessly connect with Ledger via Bluetooth for added security.

Stake & grow your portfolio!

- In-wallet staking lets you put your assets to work with the most trustworthy validators
- Single-click reward claims
- Airdrops updated right inside your wallet

Not like any other SEI wallet

- In wallet, faucet lets you quickly get testnet tokens.
- Support for custom tokens, so you can add new assets manually.
- Custom features to help you make the best of Sei Network DeFi, NFTs, and more.
- Push notifications for important on-chain transactions like Send, Receive, Stake, Governance, Swaps, etc.

This is just the beginning, we are always shipping new features at lightning speed.

Coming next: In-app browser Sync extension with your app Push Notifications and much more!

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