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Empire: The Glory Age

Empire: The Glory Age

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(0 Reviews) November 22, 2023

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Empire: The Glory Age Empire: The Glory Age Empire: The Glory Age Empire: The Glory Age Empire: The Glory Age Empire: The Glory Age

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November 22, 2023
Pisces Game
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When was the last time your blood was really pumping?
Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined a thousand riders charging towards you, then opened them only to realize it was only imagination? Well, don’t worry, because on the expansive map of Empire Dynasty, that can be reality. Legendary generals and soldiers of all kinds are waiting for you to give the order.

Inspired by ancient history, we’ve recreated epic soldiers like the Mongolian Raiders, the Chu Ko Nu of Ancient China, the Huskarl Guards and the Teutonic Knights and brought them together to be deployed in exciting battles.

Great generals such as Karius, Činggis Qaγan and Oda Nobunaga from the four eras of history can all be found on this battlefield. Which of these powerful men will be your chief advisor?

As the lord of your realm, you will besiege cities and extract resources in order to constantly grow your empire. You might even forge powerful alliances with other great powers to pool your strength together and conquer foes.

Who will be the first to discover resources in these foggy lands? Lead the charge into this mysterious world and capture terrain and resources that will aid you, all the while exploring the massive world map.

Restoring your empire to glory will require deft strategies and cunning tactics such as deploying units effectively, capitalizing on strengths and weaknesses, knowing when to advance and when to retreat, and out-maneuvering the enemy. Or, you might prefer to focus on protecting your cities and developing your economy so that you can conquer your foes by banding together with allies. The possibilities are endless!

So join Empire Dynasty now to write your chapter in the great epic of history, and enjoy the primal thrill of true warfare!

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