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My Mystic Secretary: Romance

My Mystic Secretary: Romance

1.2.1 by Lumiere Entertainment Inc.
(0 Reviews) December 09, 2023

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My Mystic Secretary: Romance My Mystic Secretary: Romance My Mystic Secretary: Romance My Mystic Secretary: Romance My Mystic Secretary: Romance My Mystic Secretary: Romance

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December 09, 2023
Lumiere Entertainment Inc.
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More About My Mystic Secretary: Romance

You are an ordinary employee in the accounting team of King Ent.&Art., who has been working for 3 years.
You struggle every day, unable to speak up to your boss who gives you unnecessary tasks, and your coworker who dumps all the work on you. One day, your younger sibling forces you to drink some unknown medicine, and the next day, you feel completely revitalized with improved vision and weight loss.

Suddenly, you receive an order to join the newly established TF team led by the recently hired department head. You are assigned to the team as a secretary,
and when you nervously enter the office, you are greeted by three attractive men...?!

▷Won Wang (CV. Seong-U Kang)
The general manager and head of the department at King Ent.&Art. Born as the eldest son of a wealthy and prestigious family, he has a neat and beautiful appearance and graduated at the top of his class. He is polite and kind to everyone, with no picky eating habits. He is the modern-day prince charming that everyone dreams of. However, he has one fatal problem that he must hide - all the men in his family die before the age of 40.

▷Leo Lee (CV. Seonghyuk Kwon)
A senior producer scouted to join King Ent.&Art.'s content production department after it was established. He returned from Italy as an elite child, fluent in four languages - Korean, English, Spanish, and Italian. He has received recognition at numerous film festivals and has an impressive career. He is a perfect man that everyone looks back at, but he seems to be hiding a secret.

▷Jay Cheon (CV. Seongyeong Park)
The youngest and the most genius composer for King Ent.&Art. He has been playing the piano since he was four years old and can play the guitar, bass, drums, violin, and saxophone. He is a talented all-around entertainer, and it is rumored that he has registered over 100 songs with the copyright association. He has a somewhat prickly and sensitive personality, making it difficult for him to make friends easily. Even his composition booth is a controlled area that no one can enter.

▷Ganghwi Han (CV. Gyeongtae Lee)
One of the actors signed under King Ent.&Art. He made his debut about two years ago and has some recognition and decent acting skills, but he is still at the level of a supporting actor. He believes that he must be a luxury brand with perfect makeup to be loved by people, and he is sensitive and stubborn.

▷Yerin Han (CV. Bona Kim)
The daughter of the CEO of Daehan Group and the design department head. Born into a platinum-spoon family, she received gifted education since childhood and studied abroad in the US. She has a confident and dignified personality, but she has strong defenses and lacks the ability to consider others, so she is not very honest and has few friends. She is friends with Won Wang, who treats her kindly regardless of her title. When she visits King Entertainment to hear the news of Won Wang's return, she becomes concerned after meeting Ganghwi Han.

Produced by Daewon Media Co,. Ltd
Developed and published by Lumiere Entertainment Inc.

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