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PhoNetInfo - Device Info

PhoNetInfo - Device Info

by Patrick Frei
(0 Reviews) April 06, 2024

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PhoNetInfo - Device Info PhoNetInfo - Device Info PhoNetInfo - Device Info PhoNetInfo - Device Info PhoNetInfo - Device Info PhoNetInfo - Device Info

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April 06, 2024
Patrick Frei
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More About PhoNetInfo - Device Info

All-in-one app that shows detailed device info (e.g. mobile phone info) and network info.
PhoNetInfo retrieves detailed device info (e.g. mobile phone info) and network info such as firmware, manufacturing date, battery temperature, sensors, network operator, signal strength, cell id, wifi details, camera details, memory details, CPU details, etc.

Device info categories with examples

- General Device Info: Manufacturer, Model, Firmware, Manufacturing Date, CSC, Sales Country, Last Reboot, etc.
- Battery Info: Battery Level, Battery Status, Health, Temperature, Voltage, Capacity, etc.
- Display Info: Display Size, Density, Refresh Rate, Luminance, GPU Vendor, etc.
- Network Info: Network Operator, MCC, MNC, IMEI, IMSI, Cell IDs, Signal Strength, ASU, LAC, CQI, RSRQ, Bandwidth, etc.
- Wifi Info: IP, DNS, DHCP, MAC, SSID, etc.
- Data Info: Mobile Network Interface, IP, DNS, Route(s), etc.
- Sensor Info: Name, Vendor, Power Consumption, etc. (hygrometer, barometer, magnetometer, luxmeter, etc.)
- Camera Info: Supported Resolutions, Zoom, Flash, Focal Lengths, etc.
- Memory Info: RAM (total, available), etc.
- Mountpoints: Overview of all system mountpoints, incl. details
- CPU Info: CPU Cores Frequencies, CPU Frequency Limits, etc.
- Thermal Info: Thermal Zones Act. Temperatures and Trip Point Temperatures, etc.
- Secret Codes: Android Secret Codes to Unlock Hidden Phone Features

Further details

- Full features list: http://www.patrickfrei.ch/phonetinfo/android/rb1073/README
- App Of The Day: https://appoftheday.downloadastro.com/app/phonetinfo/

PhoNetInfo PRO

The PRO version includes a data export interface, displays no ads and is smaller in download size. Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.patrickfrei.phonetinfo

Privacy / Permissions

PhoNetInfo requires specific permissions to show phone info and network info only:
- "Location": Used to display mobile network information such as e.g. network cell ID, signal strength, mobile country code MCC, mobile network code MNC and location area code LAC. Android 12+: If "Approximate Location is selected, most mobile network information will not be available. For all mobile network information, "Precise Location" has to be selected.
- "Phone": Used to display phone information such as e.g. SIM card operator name, roaming state, voice mailbox number and forbidden PLMNs. Android 10+: Restrictions for non-resettable identifiers were added, which include IMEI, IMSI and serial number. These values are not available anymore.


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