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Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe

Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe

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(0 Reviews) April 06, 2024

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Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe

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April 06, 2024
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More About Photo Vault - Hide Photos Safe

Keep safe and secure personal photos and videos by locking them down with password.
It’s the best place for hiding personal pictures and videos. You can protect your privacy, secure your photos, and save phone space.

Photo Vault keeps your photos and videos safe by requiring a password to view them. Photo Vault allows you to have a password to protect the entire app as well as individual photo albums.

Advance Features:-

Lock your private photos & videos:
- Create Folder and Import photos & videos to hide
- Hide few or all photos and videos from gallery selection

Photo & Videos Management:
- Create new folder from inside the App
- Import/Export images from gallery
- Import/Export photos & videos from the original path and App default path

Photo & Videos View:
* Display all hide photos & videos in app
* Watch videos inside app

More privacy feature:
- Create account and generate password for security and login
- Forget and change password option
- Delete photos & videos from inside the app
- Keeps photos safe and secure
- Creates a video vault that offers protection for your private album

You can import your private images and videos in this secure vault, and nobody knows the existence of it.

Have any photos or videos you don't want someone to see? Hide these private pics and vids securely with Photo Vault.

Q: Can I export my photos or videos after hiding them with the app?
A: Yes, by hitting the export button, any picture or video you have locked in the app will be returned to where you originally imported it from.
Q: Is there a limit on the number of photos I can have in the app?
A: No. This app allows password protecting as many private pictures and videos as you have, depends on the free space on your device.
Q: Who else can see my photos?
A: For complete privacy, your photos are securely stored on your device and not uploaded to our servers.

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