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Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People

Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People

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Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People

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January 14, 2024
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More About Proche-Nearby Chat&Meet People

The WORLD'S FIRST & ONLY app that empowers you to fine-tune the distance of your broadcast to EVERYBODY CURRENTLY NEARBY (strangers or otherwise)! Works ANYWHERE ANYTIME!
Proche lets you INSTANTLY shout out to EVERYBODY CURRENTLY NEARBY (strangers or otherwise) through geo-fenced chat rooms ! It is the WORLD'S FIRST & ONLY app that empowers you to decide how close other people CURRENTLY need to be to join the chat room you create ! This maximum allowed distance is called "chat room radius", you can set it anywhere between 10 meters and 2 kilometers - Super flexible ! You will find it useful in many situations (see below).

Everybody can sent text, picture & video in a chat room and messages are instantly received by others, everybody in the chat room is CURRENTLY in-range, so you are having REAL-TIME multi-media communication with REAL people CURRENTLY NEARBY - The realness is UNPRECEDENTED !

◆◆◆ Question: Who need this app ? ◆◆◆

◆◆◆ Question: Why do I need this app ? ◆◆◆
Answer: EVERYBODY need/want to tap into surrounding crowd in some way at some point. Some examples:

• If you are an exhibitor at tradeshows, expos, conferences, etc., you can quickly & easily broadcast your products and services to all attendees - raise awareness and drive more visitors to your booth !

• If you are a vendor at festivals, fairs, holiday markets, farmers' markets, flea markets or any other pop-up markets, you can quickly & easily promote things you sell to all nearby potential buyers to increase sales.

• At Job fairs and other recruiting events, recruiters can broadcast job opportunities to all attendees in few seconds ! No flyers/brochures/business cards needed. Job seekers can easily find out which opportunities suit them best WITHOUT waiting in line at the booths and WITHOUT checking out hiring companies in-person one-by-one.

• At professional networking events, you can broadcast the type of people you are looking for (e.g. prospective clients, customers, business partners, contractors, hiring managers, job seekers) to ALL attendees currently at the event venue, those matching prospects can be quickly & easily pinpointed and you can meetup with them right away - Much more efficient ! In this situation, Proche is like your compass for navigating in big crowds !

• You can tap into your neighborhood (for events, buy & sell great stuff, ask & offer helps, safety alerts & updates, etc.) without going through lengthy verification process, you talk to people ACTUALLY CURRENTLY nearby, instead of those temporarily out of town or permanently moved out of the neighborhood. And If you are near the boundary of two or more neighborhoods, you can tap into nearby neighborhoods as well !


• Maybe you want to get real-time notification of impromptu promotions from nearby restaurants, grocery stores, specialty stores, shopping mall, etc. ?

• Maybe you are a store owner and want to attract nearby potential customers to your store by broadcasting an impromptu offer ?

• Maybe you are a college student and would like to organize or join an impromptu group activity (basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, board games, etc.) on campus ? or check out events, parties, asking & offering help, getting to know more schoolmates and making some new friends ?

• Maybe you want to have an anonymous candid group chat with surrounding crowd on certain topics ?

The possibilities offered by Proche are endless...

◆◆◆ Main Features ◆◆◆

• Create geofenced chat rooms in few seconds. Its accessible area is a circular area centered at your current location with the radius you define (10 meter to 2 kilometers). It will stay this way even if you move later on.

• Real-time update of accessible chat rooms as you move.

• Send text, picture and video in every chat room and messages are instantly received by everybody currently in-range.

• Chat rooms are organized by category, sorted by distance(closest on top), can be bookmarked for easy access later.

• Ultra-Fast search feature lets you quickly pinpoint specific chat rooms you look for.

• Chat room creator decides if the chat room is temporary or permanent.

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