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Roll My Dice: Custom Dice

Roll My Dice: Custom Dice

3.4.0 by Wych Way Studios
(0 Reviews) January 14, 2024

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Roll My Dice: Custom Dice Roll My Dice: Custom Dice Roll My Dice: Custom Dice Roll My Dice: Custom Dice Roll My Dice: Custom Dice Roll My Dice: Custom Dice

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January 14, 2024
Wych Way Studios
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More About Roll My Dice: Custom Dice

Create & roll any dice in seconds: Use symbols from 5 categories or import your own images & text. From Yahtzee and Backgammon to D&D and Star Wars X-Wing, roll dice for any game in your collection or your imagination.
Symbols, numbers & text: Numbers & 100 symbols included, or upgrade to import your own images & text and make any dice imaginable. Perfect for any tabletop board game.

Easy editor: Add simple dice like a d6 or d20 in no time, or dive into the advanced editor to add symbols or different numbers for each face. You can even set different colours on each side.

Rolling options: Tap dice to lock their results while you re-roll others. Long-press to change a die to the face of your choice, or add another die to the roll for exploding dice.

Calculates results for you: Each roll shows a total of the symbols rolled for your convenience.

Organise your dice: Group your dice into bags for each game for easy play.

Share with friends: Export dice bags and share them with your friends.

Optimised battery life: Kind to your battery for those long gaming sessions.

Truly random: Each release goes through extensive automated tests to ensure a realistic distribution of results.

Dice stats: Check out stats for each die to see how likely a result is.

Great for designers: No more stickers! Just make dice and prototype away. Dice stats help with balancing, and you can share your custom dice with playtesters.

No ads: None, at all. We only ask that if you enjoy the app and want more, that you help support development by unlocking the full set of 100 symbols and the ability to use your own custom symbols & text. 60 symbols are available free.

Key Features
* Choose from built-in symbols or use your own images & text.
* Roll dice & lock them with a tap.
* Simple editor to make custom dice.
* Dice roll results totalled automatically.
* Dice bags for each board game.
* Share dice with friends.
* Dice have stats to preview expected rolls.
* A dice roller for RPGs, dice and board games.

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