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Spam Call & Text Blocker

Spam Call & Text Blocker

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(0 Reviews) November 29, 2023

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Spam Call & Text Blocker Spam Call & Text Blocker Spam Call & Text Blocker Spam Call & Text Blocker Spam Call & Text Blocker Spam Call & Text Blocker

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November 29, 2023
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More About Spam Call & Text Blocker

Tired of receiving spam text messages and spam calls? Stop the spam with Trend Micro Check. Trend Micro Check is a free spam blocker that uses AI technology to filter and block spam text messages, block spam calls, robocalls, scam calls, and more. You can also create a second phone number to keep your personal number private, lookup phone numbers or check websites to see if they are scam or not. It's a scam shield that protects your privacy and security online!
Spam Text Blocker
Spam text messages are not only annoying but poses risk to your privacy.
Block spam text messages with SMS Filter. Set Trend Micro Check as your default SMS app and let it automatically block spam texts without the annoying notification. Create your own list of keywords or use the Smart Filter to customize your preferences. Report any text message that looks like spam or scam to help us improve our protection for you and others.

Caller ID and Spam Call Blocker
Robocalls can interrupt your day, suspicious callers can trick you into giving out your personal or financial information.
Block spam calls and scam calls with Call Block. See the true caller ID and block robocalls, scam calls, telemarketers, and other unwanted calls. Create your own list of numbers or use the Smart Block to fine-tune your call control. Report any call that seems shady or suspicious to enhance our protection for you and others.

Second Phone Number
Your phone number can reveal a lot about you. Be careful who you share it with.
Protect your privacy with a second phone number. With a second phone number, you can avoid spam and scams by using it for services or that might send you unwanted messages or calls. 
Use second phone number for unknown contacts that you don’t want to give your personal number to. Trend Micro Check lets you create your second phone number for FREE!

Lookup Phone Numbers
Don’t fall for the tricks of scammers who pretend to be your soulmate, your lottery agent, or your bank. 
Use Risk Check to lookup any phone number and find out who is really behind it.

Lookup Websites
Don’t let phishing websites steal your personal or financial information. 
Use Risk Check to lookup any website and see if it is safe or not

Trend Micro Check is more than just a spam blocker. It’s a scam blocker, a robocall blocker, a spam call blocker, and a privacy protector.  Trend Micro Check is the ultimate app for protecting yourself from unwanted spam and scams, your ultimate scam shield! Download Trend Micro Check today and enjoy a spam-free and scam-free phone experience!

Get Complete Protection from Trend Micro
Fueled by over 30 years of cybersecurity experience and powered by the world’s largest spam and scam text database.

Stop The Scammers
Join our other 2 million+ existing users and prevent the scammers from getting their hands on your money and personal data.

Your Privacy Comes First
Trend Micro Check does not access any personal information when deciding whether to block a spam text message. Our industry-leading spam and scam detection technology guarantees complete privacy.

Application permissions
Trend Micro Check need the following permissions to function properly:
-Accessibility: this allows the app to read your current browser URL to protect you from explicit or unwanted websites
-Access contact: this allows access to your contact list and sync with the app so you can select contact from the app to send messages or make and receive call and for the app to identify the spammers and scammers
-Make and manage phone calls: this allows the app to access your call history and display within the app
-Show notification: this allows the app to display messages and alerts on your device’s screen
-Send and view SMS messages: this allows the scan engine to detect suspicious text messages
-Set as default SMS app: this allows the app to be set as your text messaging app and for the app to filter spam messages

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