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Split The Ticket & Bill

Split The Ticket & Bill

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Split The Ticket & Bill Split The Ticket & Bill Split The Ticket & Bill Split The Ticket & Bill Split The Ticket & Bill Split The Ticket & Bill

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January 14, 2024
Shared accounts & expenses
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More About Split The Ticket & Bill

Shared accounts and expenses. Split expenses and bills between friends and family. For trips, rural getaways, vacations, Christmas dinners or when sharing an apartment.
Free and smart expense manager to make accounts between friends and family.

Split The Ticket is the best application to keep accounts on trips, vacations, family gatherings, when you go out to party, when sharing a house (renting a house, etc.). It is also very useful to keep track of the debts that other people have with you.

Completely free!

Available online (on the web) or on your mobile phone or tablet.


** No registration
To use our application you do not have to register. Simply go to the store, install the App and start using it. If you use the web version, you just have to type www.splittheticket.com in your preferred browser.

** Free
Split The Ticket is completely free. You will have all the functions enabled from the beginning, without having to pay for a higher version to have access to the most special features.

You can create as many groups as you want and in each group you can add as many participants as you need. At Split The Ticket we don't leave anyone out.

** Very visual, with images and emoticons
To facilitate the use of the application and make it easier to handle, you will be able to associate images in different areas of the application: user profile, group of expenses and notes.

** Differentiated participation percentages
Not all people have the same weight in different expenses. For example, in trips, we could decide that the children are only going to be passed on 50% of the expenses; however, to adults, 100%. We can assign a percentage to each participant and, by default, in the notes in which they take part, this percentage will initially be assigned to them (although this can also be changed later).

Also in the notes we can include fixed amounts (instead of percentages) for certain people.

** Multiple currencies
Groups must have a default currency. This currency is the one with which the balances will be squared. By default, the currency of your country will be assigned, although this can be changed later.

The notes that we make can be expressed in a different currency (let's imagine a trip to the South American continent, where in each country we can have expenses in different currencies). If the currency of the entry is different from that of the group, countervalues ​​will also be shown in the currency of the group, to facilitate and better understand the amounts of the expenses. You can also change the exchange rate.

** Different types of notes
Expenses are the different purchases or payments that we make throughout the life of the group.
Contributions to the fund, in the case of setting up a fund prior to starting to make expenses.
Refunds, with which we will settle the accounts with the rest of the group participants.
Income, are amounts that reach the group and that can be distributed among the different participants of the group.

** Graphs of balances and fees
There are graphs where you can see, by participant, the relationship between the fees that we have to contribute to the expenses incurred, according to our participation percentage, and the balances of each participant.

We can also see how much we owe each person, based on the current status of the group. If the group is square, the application will notify us of this situation.

** Share the groups
Share the groups with the participants, so that they have access to it, can identify themselves and make their own annotations of expenses. Don't carry all the work yourself!

Share by WhatsApp, mail, or social networks.

**It works without internet connection.
Add expenses, income, etc. even if you are currently offline. As soon as the App is opened with internet connection, all your entries will be automatically synchronized and balances and debts will be generated according to all the entries of all the participants of the group.

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