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Univi: Manage Your ADHD

Univi: Manage Your ADHD

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(0 Reviews) January 14, 2024

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Univi: Manage Your ADHD Univi: Manage Your ADHD Univi: Manage Your ADHD Univi: Manage Your ADHD Univi: Manage Your ADHD Univi: Manage Your ADHD

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January 14, 2024
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More About Univi: Manage Your ADHD

Welcome to Univi, a revolutionary app designed to empower individuals grappling with ADHD and ADD. Our innovative platform is focused on minimizing procrastination, enhancing focus through meditation, and offering comprehensive CBT tools.
What our users say about Univi:

“This App is amazing for developing new habits and managing ADHD! There are different techniques which help through the daily /work /personal life as an ADHD’er. The app shows different scenarios of daily struggles and teaches tools to solve those problems.” – Helena

"I just started and I'm liking it so far. The personalized meditation is a cool. The tips provided are helpful. The app is pretty easy to navigate.” – Melinda

”Thank to this app, I managed to reduce my ADHD symptoms. I recommend all users to join the discord channel. I love the animated lessons and the AI generated mediation feature!” – Deniz

Core Features:

ADHD-Focused Lessons: Univi offers a series of CBT lessons tailored to address ADHD and ADD. These lessons, infused with practical CBT tips, aim to reduce procrastination by encouraging active engagement and application.

ADHD Behavioral CBT Toolkit: The app provides an array of behavioral tools specifically designed for ADHD and ADD management. These CBT tools aid in daily ADD challenges, helping users stay on track and combat procrastination.

Meditation for ADHD: Our meditation sessions are tailored to meet the needs of neurodiverse individuals. These meditation practices help in alleviating stress, enhancing concentration, and combating the effects of ADHD and ADD.

Meditation Courses for Beginners: Univi's meditation courses are approachable and effective for individuals with ADHD and ADD. These mindfulness sessions introduce the fundamentals of meditation in a simple, engaging manner, focusing on CBT techniques to improve concentration and reduce stress.

Mood Tracking: With our mood tracker, users can record their emotional state and ADHD management efforts. This CBT tool is essential for understanding how meditation and other practices are aiding in their ADHD and ADD journey.

Comprehensive ADHD Test: Understand your symptoms better with our detailed test. It provides insights into personal neurodiversity profiles, aiding in creating more effective CBT strategies to manage ADHD.

Why Univi is Unique:
a. ADHD-Specific Content: Univi's content and CBT tools are specifically designed for ADHD, addressing unique challenges and providing effective solutions.
b. Personalized Meditation: Our meditation sessions are crafted to assist those with ADHD and ADD, offering a peaceful and focused escape from stress.

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