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UTunnel VPN - VPN for business

UTunnel VPN - VPN for business

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(0 Reviews) November 26, 2023

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UTunnel VPN - VPN for business UTunnel VPN - VPN for business UTunnel VPN - VPN for business UTunnel VPN - VPN for business UTunnel VPN - VPN for business UTunnel VPN - VPN for business

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November 26, 2023
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More About UTunnel VPN - VPN for business

UTunnel VPN allows you to set up a VPN server quickly and easily, for business or personal use. You can bring in your own server or create a server with one of the integrated cloud providers. Once a server has been created, you can start inviting users to join the server, and start using it. Following are some of our key features.
Cloud / On-Premise
We offer you Cloud and On-Premise VPN Server subscriptions. You can create a VPN server with one of the integrated cloud providers or deploy a server at your premise or bring a server created with your preferred cloud provider; example, a server created with AWS, Azure or Linode.

Access Control
You can create users for your UTunnel VPN server and assign roles from our easy-to-use web application dashboard. You can also have multiple admins to manage your server.

Remote Access
UTunnel helps you to manage remote access to your servers and other online resources with a private VPN Server. You can limit the access to your network resources to the VPN server IP address and let your employees securely access it through the VPN.

Static IP
You are behind a shared IP address when connected to a public VPN server. Many of those shared IP addresses might be blacklisted by various online services. With UTunnel VPN, you will have a clean Static IP address.

External DNS
A UTunnel VPN server comes with its own DNS servers. But we allow you to use your own DNS servers as per your requirement. It's an easy configuration change and can be done by updating the DNS server IP addresses on the UTunnel dashboard and reloading the services.

Split Routing
Split Routing will send only the traffic which is destined for the configured destinations (an IP address or a network) across the VPN tunnel while routing all other traffic over the internet.

Custom VPN
With UTunnel, you can run the VPN on a desired protocol and port. For example, running OpenVPN on UDP 2050 is just a few clicks away.

Manual VPN
Enabling manual VPN connection from the UTunnel web application dashboard will allow your users to download VPN configuration files.

If you need your own UTunnel VPN server, you need to subscribe to one of our plans by logging in to our website www.utunnel.io. But, if you only need to join a UTunnel VPN server, no subscription is required. All you need is an email invitation from the server administrator/owner.

Terms of Use: https://www.utunnel.io/terms-and-conditions.html
Privacy Policy: https://www.utunnel.io/privacy-policy.html

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